7 Tips to Save Quick for a Family Trip

Hurry! There is still time to go on a vacation this summer by using these helpful tips to save quick.

Hurry! There is still time to go on a vacation this summer by using these helpful tips to save quick.


As the summer progresses, you’ve seen your friends and family take off and return home telling stories of how much fun they had on their summer vacation. As what’s left of summer turns into weeks rather than months, you may just now be realizing that you want to take a summer vacation of your own!

Timberwood Bank is here to help. We’ve put together some easy ways to save quickly so that you can have your time in the sun, on the lake or floating on your boat!

  1. Put your crock pot to work- crock pot recipes don’t require a whole lot of ingredients, and you can make a week’s worth of food on a Sunday afternoon for savings.
  1. Go cash only- make all your transactions in cash. Numerous studies have shown you spend a lot less when you actually see the money leaving your fingertips.
  1. Eating out- an easy way to save money is to just stop eating out so much. However, if you must, be smart about it: look for “kids eat free,” or buy one get one coupons.
  1. Get rid of your stuff- we all have too much stuff, so why not see if you can’t make a little cash with it? Have a rummage sale or put it on Craigslist.com.
  1. “Do I REALLY need this?”- with every purchase at the grocery, clothing or electronics store, pause and ask yourself this question. You’ll be surprised at how often the answer is “no.”
  1. Skip the fancy coffee- it may be lower quality, but settle for the coffee brewed at your work. Going for the free coffee over the $4 stuff saves $20 a week!
  1. A Fiscal Fast- create a competition for your family to see who can use the least amount of money in a week, with the goal being to spend none. See who can go the lowest!

We hope you find these savings tips and tricks helpful and useful when trying to get your family on a last minute vacation this summer.

Wherever you go, Timberwood Bank wishes you safe travels and a great time!


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