Take Advantage of Online Bill Pay


No one really enjoys paying bills. However, to have a home, vehicle, cable, electricity and other amenities, monthly payments are a necessity in life.

Think about the way you pay your bills right now. You have to make sure you have envelopes and stamps on hand, as well as checks. You fill out the check, seal it in the envelope, mail it and then wait. Who knows how long your check will take to be processed?

What if there was a better way to pay bills, or even pay people to whom you who money? The truth is, such a solution exists, and we offer it right here at Timberwood Bank: Online Bill Pay.

Online Bill Pay is accessible through your Online Banking account, and is quite simple to use even for those of us who are not as tech-savvy as our kids. In order to pay a bill, you follow these steps:

  1. Login to Online Banking and go to the Payments tab
  2. Select Add a Payee
  3. Click the bubble next to Pay a company
  4. Enter the information for the company you are paying
  5. You will be taken back to the main Payments screen, where you will notice the addition of your new payee you just created
  6. From there, you will have the option to select which of your Timberwood Bank accounts the payment should come from, as well as the amount and payment date
  7. You can also select the Make it Recurring option if this bill is recurring. Be sure to fill in the amount, the frequency, which day it should start on and your preference for when to make a payment if the payment day falls on a holiday

However, Online Bill Pay isn’t just for payments to companies for bills. You can also make personal payments to other individuals. All you need is their deposit account number and institution’s routing number.  Here’s how to set up a personal payment:

  1. In the main Payments screen, click Add a Payee
  2. Select the Pay and individual option on the next screen
  3. You can choose to let the person provide their banking information if you don’t have it. Otherwise, select I have their bank account information
  4. Then, enter in the individual’s personal information and select the account your payment should come from
  5. You will then create a keyword for the person you are paying. This allows them to access our secure website to submit their account information.
  6. You then will select a way to send them an activation code, whether by text message, voice phone call or through their email.
  7. Your payment will not be sent until the payee provides the information needed on their end.

You can see all the bells and whistles contained within our Online Bill Pay system by checking out our demo. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Timberwood Bank for assistance.

We hope you find Online Bill Pay to be a beneficial service that you can’t live without!


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