Tips to Save on Back-To-School Shopping

Do your back-to-school shopping and stay within your budget this month.

Do your back-to-school shopping and stay within your budget this month.

The cost of back-to-school shopping can make this yearly event a disheartening task for many parents. The need to purchase new school supplies or to find your child new clothes is unavoidable, but this doesn’t mean you have to break your budget.

Timberwood Bank is here to help! There are a variety of solutions to help you avoid over-spending when doing your back-to-school shopping this fall:

Don’t purchase everything at once – Try picking up school supplies you know the kids will need as you come across good sales. While shopping all at once may save you a trip to the store, you may be able to find certain items at more affordable prices in a variety of stores.

Keep track of sales – As the first day of school draws nearer, check out the Sunday inserts in your local newspaper or their store websites. Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Wal-Mart and Target will have sales at different times, so keep track of what you need, where it’s being sold, and when the sale is. Look for coupons and keep them organized. This extra effort will help you save a ton.

Shop secondhand – Check garage sales or lightly used clothing stores to get your kids’ clothes this fall. Your kids will be excited about the new clothes, and then you can even donate some that your kids have outgrown or lost interest in.

Stick to your list – Many schools provide a specific list of supplies that your child will need in class this fall. Stick to this list to make sure your child gets the things that they need instead of doing a free-for-all in the back-to-school shopping department!

Get next year’s supplies after the rush – After back-to-school season is over, pick up the things you know your kids will need next year when they’re discounted.

Preparing for back-to-school shopping can help save you money and keep your budget in check. For more information, contact Timberwood Bank today!