Fun Fall Activities

Enjoy all of the activities that the beautiful Fall season brings!

Enjoy all of the activities that the beautiful Fall season brings!

With so much to enjoy about the autumn season, Timberwood Bank wants to help you get out and enjoy the season without over-spending. Here are some great fall activity ideas for you and your family:

Explore Recreational Trails

One favorable aspect of autumn is that the temperatures drop, but still remain comfortable. This provides a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the cooler weather by taking a stroll or ride on the local recreational trails. Not only does this help get you outside to enjoy the weather, but this is a great time to appreciate the beautiful foliage as the leaves begin to change.


Harvest Festivals

Harvest season is a time for celebrating our local farmers and their success out in the fields this year. This season brings a variety of festivals and fun activities throughout harvesting communities, like Tomah. In fact, the Warrens Cranberry Festival is this month!


Shop Seasonal

Autumn is famous for apple picking, which is a great way to get fresh produce at more affordable prices and to have some fun with your family. However, be wary of pumpkin prices as pumpkins are often more expensive before Halloween. The closer you get to Halloween, the more likely pumpkins are to go on sale.


Enjoy Football

Having a tight budget shouldn’t keep you from enjoying football season. Season tickets to professional or college football games can be very expensive, but high school football games in our area can be a lot of fun and offer affordable admittance. If you really enjoy football, organize a game with friends and family at a local park to have some fun and get some exercise!

Timberwood Bank hopes that you have an enjoyable autumn season and are able to save money by trying any of these affordable fall activities. As always, we are here to answer any financial or banking questions that you may have!