Giving back in the New Year: Practicing Selflessness

Many individuals have goals and resolutions they are striving for this year. They are fostering hope for a better tomorrow and realize they need to add or dilute some of their habits in order to have the life they envision. Many, if not most, of these resolutions fail for lack of motivation. In fact, only about 8 percent of individuals end up sticking with their resolutions and that could be attributed to the type of goals made.

A majority of resolutions are self-focused. Very few of them strive for the betterment of others, which could be one of the underlying reasons for failure. While it may not be for lack of trying, goals crafted that solely benefit the self, have less success than those that are others-oriented. Although, practicing selflessness can indeed improve your own happiness and household economy in other ways.

Tax Deduction

When you decide on a charity, you want to be sure they are reputable. Check out Charity Navigator to find out if you should be giving to a certain organization. Giving to these organizations may enable you to deduct from your income tax if you itemize deductions. Be sure to do your research before giving if you would like to take advantage of this benefit.

Better Money Management

Deciding on giving monetarily to a cause will encourage you to monitor your budget. Don’t have a budget? Now you have another reason to make one! Do you need to make cuts elsewhere to excessive spending? Having cause to review your monthly statements can only help your finances. Come see us at Timberwood Bank to set up an automatic withdrawal to your savings account for your giving; we want to make it easy for you! When you are able to focus your attention to those in need, you are investing in yourself emotionally and financially.  Even if you are only able to give your time through volunteering, it may give rise to gratitude for what you have; decreasing your desire to purchase items you do not need with money you do not have.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Although your primary goal in helping others isn’t to help yourself, getting involved can create opportunities for you and even your children. People in need will remember those who helped them at their lowest. Maybe someday you will be in need of a favor and they will happily assist you. It enables you to make connections with others, which can help you to better establish yourself professionally.  Is your child socially anxious? Kindness has been shown to reduce social anxiety and can help set your children on a stable track for the future including scholarships and job prospects.

In whatever capacity you have to give and whatever your goals may be for the new year, selflessness will branch off to help you, your community, finances and family. What better resolution is there?